Enhance Your Driveway for Instant Curb Appeal

That long stretch of gray concrete in front of your house is a canvas. Here’s how to turn the driveway into a decorative statement leading to your home.

A ground lamp shines on attractive driveway.

Add Attractive Ground Lamps

Lights not only increase safety and visibility at night, they can highlight key features of your landscaping.

Recessed lights: Illuminate your driveway with a series of low profile LEDs along each side or go even lower with recessed indicator lights. Recessed lights can be installed directly into the driveway to identify the edges and the entrance.

Ground lights: Place lights in the ground to accentuate landscaping features and mark the boundary between your driveway and yard.

Lantern post: Make a statement with a stylish lantern post. Consider a geometric cap for a contemporary touch.

Tidy landscaping to the side of a blacktop driveway.

Give it an Edge

Add pavers to create flower beds on either side of the driveway or, even easier, install a small garden fence. At the very least, using an edging tool to create clean lines between the driveway and the front yard.

This driveway feature a polyurea topcoat.

Upgrade the Driveway with Polyurea Coating

Transform your dull, gray concrete driveway into a work of art with a polyurea coating. Customizable coatings can elevate your driveway with a color that complements the surroundings, and a blend of flakes for a sparkling texture and a high-gloss finish.

Unlike epoxy coatings, which harden and become brittle over time, a polyurea surface is strong, flexible and is engineered for maximum adhesion to concrete.

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A driveway with permeable pavers helps absorb water.

Make Your Driveway Permeable

Instead of one long continuous stretch of driveway, break up the slab with strips of grass -- either real or artificial -- that cross the width. Or convert your driveway into a classic ribbon driveway, consisting of two parallel paved tracks with an unpaved section in between. Either option is a greener alternative because they absorb rainwater instead of shedding it into the storm drain.

An attractive path parallels a driveway.

Create a Path

Add an attractive path that parallels the driveway. Get creative with a mix of materials: flagstone steps and crushed marble or pavers surrounded by round river stones. Permeable tile pavers are another style choice that also guards against flood damage.

Bottom line: Your driveway presents a big opportunity to enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase its resale value. At ALLBRiGHT PAINTING, we’re experts in the application of polyurea concrete coatings and stand behind the quality and durability of the product. That’s why we offer a 15-year residential warranty! To learn more, call us for a free consultation at (661) 464-0771.