A New Year Resolution You Can Keep

5, 4, 3, 2, 1! It’s time to get going on those New Year resolutions we have dutifully promised to keep this time around. We all get a clean start, another chance to get it right and maybe this time, actually keep those resolutions. Most people create personal resolutions; trying to keep a healthier lifestyle, spending more time with family, or learning a new hobby. While these are all great resolutions, we are forgetting one not so small item. We will give you one hint, just take a look around. Yes, the one not so small item people tend to overlook are the condition of their homes.

If walls could talk, they would surely let you know that maybe that tangerine color you chose in the early 90s might be a bit outdated coming in to year 2014. Giving your home a fresh new makeover might just be a resolution you can keep and the great news is that ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING can make that resolution come true. If a complete interior and exterior makeover is a bit too overwhelming to start the year off with, and if you would like to begin with just one room getting a fresh new coat of paint, than our Painter for a Day Program is the perfect fit for you. Hire a trained, certified, fully-insured house painter at a daily rate to complete those little projects that restore and extend the beauty of your home. FINALLY! A resolution we can all keep! ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING may not be able to go to the gym for you but we will go the extra mile to leave your house looking ALLBRiGHT! Schedule your free estimate today and we’ll will take care of the rest.