Home Improvement Is Fun

Let’s face it, as wonderful as it is to own your own home, you dread all those maintenance projects. Warm weather means that Honey-Do list is already growing… exponentially. And all that spare time that you thought you had is now devoted to cleaning, landscaping, repairs, painting, etc. I can hear those groans, but improving your home does not have to be a chore – it can be fun! Here are some ideas to make home improvement exciting this summer:

Treat yourself. Set goals of what you want to get done, and when. Once you complete those tasks, reward yourself with the night off for something fun – a special date with your spouse, dinner with the family, or perhaps just a quiet night alone. Do something that you don’t often get to do, and make it special! Think about how great that reward was next time you are faced with a new project to complete, and you will be more motivated to get it done!

Be the star of your own TV show. We live in an era of reality shows! Create your own – Survivor: Home Edition. Think of your projects as tasks to be completed to stay on your Island. Or perhaps a Decorator type show is more up your alley. Get a friend or family member to video tape your show, and explain why you are choosing certain colors in certain rooms, or what part of the house needs a makeover desperately. Be creative – you are the star!

Make home improvement a family affair. Get the kids involved in picking out the new dryer for the laundry room, or make mowing the lawn a whole family event by clocking speeds or seeing who can get the straightest lines. Or perhaps give each family member a job to produce that TV show (camera man, director, etc). From interior to exterior, home improvement can be fun! It is completely what you make it!

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