Painting Square Accents on Your Walls

squared colors on wall

Some homeowners have a difficult time choosing colors once they have established a “short list” of possibilities. Or perhaps the home has an open feel with colors that flow from room to room and want a unique way to highlight all of the colors. If you are adventurous and are having a hard time with color choices, consider doing a wall that highlights all your color possibilities! A wall, blocked or squared out in various colors creates an accent wall like no other.

This “blocked” or “squared” accent wall should be in a location that is easily seen. You will be painting large squares and will need 4-6 colors of paint. Consider using a hunter green, deep wine, navy blue or gray, a creamy vanilla color and a khaki color. Or if you are of the teenage persuasion, perhaps pink, orange, cream and sunshine yellow would be great colors to brighten your room. Since you will be painting one square at a time, plan for this activity to take several days. Choose the size of your squares and begin by penciling the grid onto your wall.

Once you have created your grid, plan out the colors and paint a splotch in each square so that you keep the color scheme accurate. Next, use painter’s tape to mark off your first square. Paint the first color and give sufficient dry time. Remove the tape when it is dry and then place the tape for the next color. You cannot tape all the squares at once, because there will be the width of the tape that will confuse the pattern.

Recommended paint for this project is a satin finish paint. If you desire even more creativity, you can do “swirls” or geometric shapes in some of the squares. A little patience and fun colors will create a wall that everyone will love!