Brady’s Brush – Sequencing Tip

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As my first blog I would like to talk about sequencing. This has different meanings to various people. To the men and women I work with, this is the most efficient way for a particular job to be accomplished. It means for each task there is an order that lends itself to efficiency. Each job has a scope (what is meant to be accomplished) and each scope has an order (steps A, B, C, etc.) to accomplish these tasks in the most efficient manner. Writing this, I think how removed it must seem from the customers who are filled with the anticipation of a home renewed or even reborn, yet the sequence of the tasks is all important! Moving furniture, covering of floors and furniture, removal of window treatments, patching of holes, prime, caulk, etc. – all this work needs to be complete before any can of paint is opened and is every bit as important as making choices regarding your overall vision. Too often a homeowner (even a professional) will skip to painting too quickly, thus having to stop the work flow to prepare something that should have been fixed earlier, or worst yet, might have to redo some work. It’s good practice to check all areas of your prep work prior to painting. Changing your home’s paint color is a challenging and exciting event, so don’t rush the process. You’re masterpiece will soon be completed!