Brady’s Brush – Tips, Tricks & Superstar Stuff!

A new blog segment coming to you twice a month. Our desire is to continue to add value and interest to our company blog. In addition to Philippa Radon (our colorist extraordinaire who helps predict and design colors for America’s design industry, especially when it comes to painting colors) contributing twice a month, we now have Brady Kuykendall. Brady will be sharing tips and tricks with you as a way to help educate our clients and followers on paint and techniques, along with some other fun stuff. Brady Kuykendall is A.Allbright’s Project Manager (the highest-ranking position overall field employees and their operations). Brady is what we call a true company man. He is a leader among leaders with a heart for the people he works with and the company he works for, always willing to lend a helping hand. He leads by example. He is innovative and able to see any project through to completion without over complicating it. He looks for solutions instead of excuses. He began in construction with his family. His father, uncles, and grandfather were carpenters. One of his uncles was a 4th generation painter. Brady grew up painting and doing carpentry on weeknights and weekends. He excelled in the painting side of the family business and his desire continued to grow using his talent. After his uncle tired of his own boy’s nonsense, he took Brady under his wing. Brady says he was fortunate to spend several years under his uncle’s tutelage (a specialist in wood finishes) who shared with him the unique and special tricks associated with standard and faux wood finishes, as well as the understanding of paint and troubleshooting of paint failures. Combined with two decades of involvement in the painting industry and has his own painting contracting business, he has gained a lot of confidence in his ability to lead and help those in need. He has become an expert in color mixing and helping clients with color. Brady explains, “From the beginning, I remember back to the first time I helped make a beautiful wood cabinet come to life with color and shine. To see the amazing grain on an exceptional piece of wood and to know that it blossomed into an unbelievably beautiful piece of furniture under the guidance of my own hand is definitely what has kept me in this business for more than 30 years!” Brady is one of A.Allbright’s Shining Stars – Expect Brilliance!