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The ALLBRiGHT “Painting Happiness” Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our work

We guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and strive to deliver exceptional service that surpasses your expectations each and every time because our #1 goal is for our customers to have the best painting service they have ever had.

When the ALLBRiGHT name is on a project we’ve completed, we want you to be completely satisfied and if you’re not, we will work as quickly as possible to resolve the issue because we want every customer to be happy with the results.

That’s why we stand behind our work and offer exceptional value to our customers. Just check out our glowing Yelp Reviews and you will see we create happy customers who continue to hire us and refer us to their friends.

We strive for total Painting Happiness every time, but if our work does not live up to your expectations for any reason, then we will take $150 off your final bill.

We guarantee the quality of our team

We conduct thorough background checks and drug screening

Whenever you call a painting contractor or other craftsman into your home or business, you need to be able to trust them and feel safe.  ALLBRiGHT wants you to be 100% confident in the character and competence of our employees who will be working in and around your home or business, so we use drug screening and background checks on all employees before they are hired.

We provide rigorous, best-in-class training

The ALLBRiGHT team are fully accredited members of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. Our employee training program ensures that each member of our team is highly skilled, supremely knowledgeable, and exceptionally qualified to deliver the utmost quality.

Once they get past our strict hiring procedures, each employee is required to go through our “Green Book” training manual that teaches the ALLBRiGHT way, everything from customer service to how we paint a door.

We deliver an exceptional customer service experience on every level

From the first phone call to our office and throughout the entire duration of the project, every member of our team strives to be attentive, courteous, proactive and responsive so that every interaction you have with an ALLBRiGHT team member is pleasant and beyond your expectation.

We retain our employees for years because they are happy too!

The ALLBRiGHT team is a family and our team members stay with us for years because they love working for ALLBRiGHT. That longevity and employee stability has contributed to our growth and success over the last two decades.

We guarantee your protection

We maintain $2 million in liability insurance and a $1 million workers compensation policy. If any property damage, serious injury, or accidental death occurred on your property, you are completely covered and have no liability. Certificates are available upon request.

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