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Our Guarantee

ALLBRiGHT Warranty

Do you want a warranty that you can count on?

If you’re like us, you want the things that most commonly go wrong to be covered under the warranty.  Nothing is more frustrating than to find out that the most common things that go wrong with a product or service are not covered.  When our name is on a project we’ve completed, we want it looking good for as long as it can.  Our reputation depends on it.  That’s why we stand behind our work and offer more value to our customers.  We’ve learned from companies that we like doing business with, companies like Apple and Costco that make you feel good about doing business with them because they offer quality products and service that they stand behind and they don’t ususally give you hard time when something goes wrong.  They just take care of it and fix it.  We believe in quickly resolving issuses with enthusiasm and integrity.

Our warranties are an extension of our “Painting Happiness” motto and they cover almost any issue with the materials and workmanship during the duration of your warranty and you get to choose between our standard warranty or extended warranties.

Both our standard and extended warranties cover:

  • Cost of materials
  • Cost of labor

Take a closer look at the fine print of other’s warranties.  You will find a lot of their fine print excludes the most common things that could go wrong.  You won’t find many within ours.  We want you to be happy.

We will correct the affected paint area at zero cost to you. We stand behind our work because our reputation depends on it.

ALLBRiGHT “Painting Happiness” Guarantee

We strive for our customers to have the best painting service they have ever had.  In fact, we ask every one of our customers to let us know how well we perform to their expectations.  They will ususally fill out a report card and let us know.  We typically receive all A’s (about 94% of the time), but we know we’re not perfect.  Sometimes we can drop the ball.  If we do, we want to know about it.  And if we don’t live up to your expectations or if we did not follow our own high standards of being on time, neat and clean, courteous and professional, then we will take $150 off your final bill.

Whenever you call a painting contractor or other craftsman into your home or business, you need to be able to trust them.  ALLBRiGHT wants you to be 100% confident in the character and competence of our employees who will be working in and around your home or business, so we use drug screening and background checks on all employees before they are hired.  Once they get past our strict hiring procedures, each employee is required to go through our “Green Book” training manual that teaches the ALLBRiGHT way, everything from customer service to how we paint a door.

We are accredited members of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America.  Our employee training program ensures that each member of our team is skilled, knowledgeable, and highly qualified with the utmost quality.

ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING:  Expect Brilliance from your painting company!

Why Choose ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING?

  • Our office staff provides attentive and responsive customer service
  • We supply thorough, detailed estimates in a timely manner
  • Our job foremen give strong leadership to complete jobs on schedule and with excellence
  • Our painters are highly skilled and dedicated
  • We guarantee the highest quality of workmanship
  • We give full attention to each detail of preparation, finishing and cleaning
  • Our project managers follow up each project to ensure customers are completely satisfied
  • We offer reasonable prices for top-of-the-line service

Our Unique Actions & Results

By listening to our customers and striving to surpass their expectations, ALLBRiGHT has learned to identify and prevent the problems and frustrations that people often experience with typical painting companies. This chart gives some examples of how we have adapted to outperform the competition and guarantee that our customers are happy.  #paintinghappiness

Common Customer Experience Our Unique Action ALLBRIGHT’s Exclusive Result
After the job is completed, some of your expectations have not been met. You end up paying more or remaining dissatisfied. Our office staff and project managers are proactive communicators. We listen to your needs and make sure you are happy before we leave a project. Stress is reduced and you get exactly what you wanted (or more), with no surprises.
At the end of a job, there are unfinished items or extra charges that the contractor says were not included in the estimate. Our estimators provide thorough, detailed estimates. You know exactly what is included. There are no hidden costs or exclusions.
Your new paint job doesn’t last. Paint fails prematurely. We use superior materials with a lifetime warranty. All technicians are properly trained in surface preparation and paint application. Your new paint job will last longer. Your home is better protected agains the elements, and the beauty endures. Long term, you save money because you repaint less often.
Painters are unprofessional, unreliable, unskilled, or of questionable character. You don’t know who you are letting in your home. We retain long-term, quality employees. When we hire, we interview thoroughly and conduct drug and background checks. You have peace of mind with the assurance that every A. Allbright employee who enters your home is trustworthy, skilled and professional.
You struggle with color and design choices, but you want to be involved. Some contractors bully and push you, and others aren’t helpful at all. We offer color & design consultations by professionally trained decorative experts. Your home reflects your individual style and character, yet shows a professional designer’s touch.
Your schedule is disrupted and your family inconvenienced by project delays. Our “On-time Scheduling Assurance” program guarantees we will start & finish your project on schedule. You don’t have to put your life on hold–you can make your plans and live your life without inconvenient scheduling headaches.
Your home becomes a messy, untidy, unsightly, hazardous worksite for the duration of the project. Your house becomes an obstacle course. Our “Clean Jobsite System” includes a designated shop area where all supplies are kept neat and orderly. We also clean up each jobsite every day. Employees are always in uniform and do not smoke on the jobsite. Your home is kept clean, safe and orderly, with no hazardous tools or messy materials. No drywall-dust footprints or forgotten razorblades left behind.
You are left unhappy because of uneven paint lines, sloppy or drippy paint application, and surface irregularities beneath the paint. We constantly adhere to our “Standards of Proper Preparation and Painting.” Painted surfaces are smooth and uniform, lines are tight and clean. All of your guests are impressed by the crisp, classy resutls.
You can’t rely on your painting contractor; sometimes their results are great and other times they are poor. You don’t know what to expect. We train all of our applicators to consistently meet the high standards of the Painting & Decorating Contractors of America. Your paint job will reflect the high quality work you are expecting and your home will look spectacular throughout.
Your paint job supposedly has a warranty, but when you try to claim it, the contractor can’t be found, or can’t financially back up its promise. We are a long-term, healthy company with a reputation spanning more than two decades. We will be here for our customers. You can be confident, knowing that if something goes wrong with your paint job, we will take care of it. Just call us, and we will address and resolve any issues fairly.
You are exposed to financial risk and litigation because of uninsured or underinsured contractors. We maintain $2 million in liability insurance and a $1 million workers compensation policy. If any property damage, serious injury or accidental death occurred on your property, you are completedly covered and have no liability.
Never mad when a resident surprises us with these!