Painting a Baby’s Room

ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING is an excellent choice for the Los Angeles homeowner for several reasons. It’s locally made and nationally known. It’s nationally known for its superior quality and is being sold at several Costco stores around the country. It comes with no less than a 10-year warranty. We make it fresh every day locally, making it the most eco-friendly paint on the market. Most of our customers say “It’s the creamiest” paint they have ever used. That’s because we use a revolutionary new technology with superior smooth ingredients like DuPont’s “whitest” Ti-Pure titanium dioxide. We have created some of the industry's most beautiful paint colors and we recommend our “Atmosphere” palette for the young person's room. Although our paint is low VOC, you might want to try one of our six fresh scents that give the room a hint of freshness that lasts for months. Perfect for the little ones.