A Closer Look at Interior Painting in This Modern Los Angeles Apartment

The ALLBRiGHT Painting Happiness team has been working their magic again, this time in a stunning Los Angeles apartment.

The photos above were taken by one of our craftsmen, showcasing the interior painting work that they finished. We love pictures like these because not only do they capture the essence of what we do, but they also are a reminder that our team takes tremendous pride in their work and skill.

“Craftsmen” is a word you might not hear all that often anymore, but you certainly will at ALLBRiGHT.

Interior Painting In LA – Bringing A Fresh Look To These Modern Spaces

If you like modern styling, you’ll love this apartment. The contrast of dark and light is simultaneously classic and modern and is tied in throughout the rooms. Keeping a color scheme like this one crisp and clean is imperative!

Here is a closer look at our project:

  • We painted the walls, ceilings and baseboards throughout the three bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, kitchen, laundry room, six closets, and two hallways
  • We began by priming the surfaces
  • After priming, we sprayed the first coat of paint
  • When the sprayed coat was finished, we applied the final coat with a fine finish roller across the walls and ceiling to add just the right texture

Can We Answer Your Interior Painting Questions?

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