We’ve talked before about how to store leftover paint in a way that keeps it fresh and ready for when inspiration strikes. Or, for when you find pesky little dings and scratches that need to be touched up. For more about those topics, take a look at previous articles here and here!

But, what about if you have a little paint leftover, and you also are in the mood for a fun, small project? Those dribbles in the can are a perfect match for a quiet, creative afternoon.

Soaking Up a Little Color

  • Customize your kitchenware – Do you have ladles, spoons, or decorative plates in your kitchen? Why not add some fun colors and designs? You could either put them on display or just enjoy the new, bright style whenever you reach for them.
  • Accent walls/doors – You don’t have to paint an entire room to create a real transformation. Painting a door, your trim, or just one wall is a huge outlet for creative style and customization. Why not, right? For accent ideas, take a look here.
  • Make your frames one-of-a-kind – Frames are hugely popular right now, and can range from sleek and chic to rustic and rusty. Sometimes they are used on the wall without anything even inside them, just offering a unique square of color contrast. You could paint ones you have, purchase some, or repurpose a cool find from an antique shop or yard sale.
  • Add depth to your recessed shelving – If you have built-ins that currently just blend with your wall color, or are white, why not make them pop? Colorful shelving can make your books, knick-knacks, and collectibles stand out.
  • Repurpose – Speaking of repurposing, let’s take our suggestion of painting frames a step further. What about a bureau, dresser, or end table? This is a low-risk project that you can simply have fun with, trying out new styles or techniques.

The key is to enjoy the process. We’re all about painting happiness, in whatever form it might take!

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